principal teachers

Anna Rio

Anna has always been passionate about dance. She trained for five years in ballet, jazz, contemporary and afro-contemporary dance in a professional dance school both in Toulouse and Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. In 2010, she fell in love with the powerful energy of Lindy Hop and she discovered enthusiastically the exchange and communication between two partners, connected through and to music.

Since then, she enjoys travelling the world from workshop to workshop and she continues to learn and train as a dancer and instructor, always eager to explore new teaching approaches and experiences. Very active in the lindy hop and solo jazz scene in Toulouse, she has taught regular Lindy Hop and solo jazz classes since 2013 and runs regular workshops and socials, as a strong believer in social dancing.

Jonatan Hedberg

Learning, improving and sharing is cornerstones in Jonatan’s life. He studied pedagogy at the University and in 2010 he became a teacher in Physical Education (Sports) and Mathematics. About the same time he got blown away by the energy, the rhythms and the history of Lindy Hop at the “Chicago swing dance studio” in Stockholm and later by the international aspect of the dance.

He is constantly amazed by the communication between people from all around the globe having a good time together through the language of jazz and Lindy Hop. Today he lives in Toulouse where he is practicing and teaching together with Anna, improving and sharing their vision of a good dialogue within the couple, aiming for relaxed but energetic dancing.

assisting teachers

Gea Hoogendorn

Gea has been surrounded by music since an early age; growing up as a youngest of six all who played an instrument! She picked up the trumpet by the age of seven. Having played for many years in orchestras, Gea is still amazed by how different instruments interact and come together in both tones and rhythms. She still enjoys playing around with different rhythms and hearing different instrument while listening to music. While dancing, she finds these rhythms in herself and in the music.

Gea got to know Lindy hop in 2013, and it took some time for her to fell in love with the dance. Now, she is hooked. She loves the feeling of connecting to another person, and having a whole conversation while dancing without saying a word; making jokes, being serious or being elegant. She says: "There are so many different styles and none of them are better or worst. You can develop you own style and personality and play around and experiment with your abilities, preferences and ambitions."

Robbin Tops

Before Robbin knew about Lindy Hop, he believed that dancing was nothing for him. When some friends gave him a dance course for his birthday, he discovered how his affinity for jazz music, sports and social interactions came together in Lindy hop. From that moment on Robbin was hooked, spending most of his free time practicing, going to workshops and social dancing.

Robbin likes competitions, shows and teaching, but his heart lies in social dancing. He enjoys the freedom and improvisation that Lindy hop offers and he particularly seeks the unexpected moments that can arise when two people are interacting in a communicative dance.
Being an experienced mathematics and sailing instructor, Robbin is a devoted teacher who gets a lot of energy from interacting with and being inspired by his students.